Amber: Leaves In The Wind

Happenings Now

Orenda is out hunting, and has been stalking a deer for some hours. She is about to close and make a shot when the deer is frightened by voices. Human voices. Piqued, but curious, she goes to investigate to find four young braves, boys really, surrounding a settler. He’s dressed in a long coat and sensible frontier apparel and is surrounded by the boys who are flipping knives in their hands, crowing about how they are going to carve him up. Orenda notes that the stranger doesn’t seem to be armed. He also doesn’t seem to be bothered. In fact he appears to be humouring the murderous quartet. Curious, Orenda remains hidden to watch what happens.

One of the boys finally gathers his courage and comes at the man. Orenda watches the man move and hip toss the boy into one of the others. Another comes in and the man raises his arm toward the boy’s knife which meets it with a loud clang. The man harmlessly despatches the boy and all of a sudden the four of them are not so brave.

The man looks to Orenda, gives her a small nod and a smile, then returns his attention to the boys who wisely decide that discretion is the better part of valour and beat feet. Orenda sends them along with a choice insult and steps out to greet the stranger. The stranger greets her by name, then tells her that his name is Benedict and that he is her father. He tells her that he has come to find her, to take her to a place called Amber and that coming with him will save her homeland.

Orenda is, sensibly, skeptical. Benedict tells her that her mother, Two-Feathers will be along shortly to verify, which strikes Orenda as odd as her mother is in the village weaving baskets. But she listens to Benedict tell her that he had been passing through and had reason to stay, and that he’d met Orenda’s mother. He said that duty had called him away, and that Two-Feathers had understood.

Two-Feathers arrives shortly after, which considering what she’d been doing earlier, seems strange to Orenda but, calm and reasonable, Orenda listens. Two-Feathers confirms to her that, yes, Benedict is her father and that she is to go with him.

Happenings Now


Damien, is having a bad day in his home Shadow. Everything was just fine, he’d gone to the SDU headquarters, when suddenly there was a massive storm and hurricane that hadn’t been there an instant before. Suddenly the wall has been torn off the building by howling winds and the building he’s in is leaning and lurching like it’s going to come down.

Damien narrowly avoids being sucked out of the building and escapes into a stairwell just as the building comes down.

He wakes to find that the building has fallen on him, and that he has fortunately ended up under a couple of large slabs of concrete that have formed a small cave of safety for him. Unfortunately that cave is filling up with water from the rain. Fearing that he is going to be drowned Damien starts looking for a way to shift the debris without it all coming down on him when the debris is lifted up by prodigious might and shadowy figures call for him to move out from under the wreck. He does so and, in the light of the crashing lightning, he sees that his city looks as if a bomb has hit it. Devestation is widespread everywhere. The rain is coming down so hard as to bruise the skin and is so thick he can only see a short way ahead of himself but he can see far enough to see that one of his three rescuers is none other than his mother, Sarah who he has mourned for nearly a decade after he believed her taken away and devoured by werewolves.

Sarah leaves him no time for questions and he and the two men lead Damien away through the destroyed city, toward of all things a 7-11 store that has somehow survived the worst of the damage by dint of surrounding buildings taking the brunt of the storm. It is there that introductions are made. The hulking grizzled man is Castor who says little but remains on guard. The other, smaller man, introduces himself as Brand and tells Damien that he is his father.

It is, to be certain, an awkward reunion. Sarah has some explaining to do about how she is not dead, courtesy of a last minute rescue from Brand. Brand, for his part, explains that it was early in the struggle for the throne and that his brother Eric had tried to kill Sarah as a warning to Brand to toe the line, and that he has had her in nearby Shadow Corona to heal and to hide and stay safe. He would have come back for her earlier but Bleys and Fiona imprisoned him in the citadel not long after and there was no time.

Brand explains Amber to Damien, and that they must all go there, and ‘borrows’ a car. With the Shadow Storm passed over, leaving its swathe of destruction, Brand leads the group toward Amber.

Things, frankly, remain awkward. Brand explains to Damien what he has done, and what the others will say of him. He also challenges Damien on the SDU’s goals and methods, and the way that supernatural creatures are discriminated against. Damien is left uncomfortable with this, moreso as he tries and fails to connect with his mother.

The first sight of Amber, however, takes his breath away and brings with it a desire to know this place and to protect it. Damien is awed and amazed by the place. Right until he realises that there are no showers and toilets. This somewhat dampens his enthusiasm.

Damien is introduced to Random who officially welcomes him to Amber and invites him to come and go as he pleases. He advises Brand and Damien to clean up, as the family will be meeting shortly. Random and Brand share a belief that, by walking the Pattern of Amber, the three younglings will help restore balance to the Pattern-Logrus conflict. Three new ‘troops’ will certainly set things back on track.

Damien returns to his room and has a bath. His father has provided for him, colours that he believes Damien would want, and Damien finds himself in a tunic and pants of black, trimmed in a rusty maroon colour. And, as an emergency option, Brand gifts Damien with a Trump of his brother Luke who he says knows of him and will offer him safety and sanctuary should he need it.

From there it is a waiting game.

What Comes Before

Not Really Your Father’s Amber

Brand, crazy with the power of the Fount and determined to remake reality in his own image, took Dierdre hostage at the edge of the Abyss. It’s bad. They’re all there. Things are going to end up with a killing. Nobody knows what happened for sure, only that suddenly Dierdre was able to counter Brand’s hold with an elbow to the head and drop him. The others rushed forward but Dierdre, for a reason yet explained, leaned protectively over Brand and forbade anyone to come close to him or to harm him. The others were more concerned with the Jewel of Judgement tumbling into the Abyss, but before long the Unicorn has returned it and Random is chosen as the king and, with the exception of Brand and Dierdre being a live, it’s the Amber everyone expects.

The Fit Has Hit The Shan

The imbalance between Chaos and Order has caused all kinds of problems, as Merlin has been forced to choose for one side or the other. In choosing to return to Chaos and take the throne things should have settled.

Should have.

Corwin, battle weary and spiritually burned out by life, has chosen to do the right thing by the warriors of Ri’ik. He promised them Heaven if they fought for him and so, under Random’s advice, he has led the little guys through Shadow in search of a Heaven like the one he’s promised them and like they deserved. He has told Random that he must go inspect his newly drawn Pattern as well. Since then he has gone incommunicado and neither makes nor accepts Trump calls.

No one knows what has happened to Corwin, but suddenly the balance of things has gone out of whack again. Shadow Storms are raging all through Shadow and it is clear that the balance has fallen out of alignment again. Random’s investigations via the Jewel of Judgement indicate that, somehow, Order has taken a significant hit and that Chaos is on the rise again.

Random gathers the family together and lets them know what’s happening, and that Shadow Storms are raging deep in Shadow and tearing things up. He means it as a warning for the family to travel carefully, if at all, for a while and is surprised when Julian explodes into emotion and says that his son is out there and that no one and nothing will stop him from going to fetch him out of danger. Perhaps there’s more surprise when Benedict, more calmly, advises that he has a daughter in Shadow and that he means to fetch her as well. But pants turn brown when Brand speaks of a son, not Luke but another boy, who he also means to collect.

Random gives his blessings and the trio charge off, each in search of their children in Shadow.


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