Amber: Leaves In The Wind

Happenings Now


Orenda is out hunting, and has been stalking a deer for some hours. She is about to close and make a shot when the deer is frightened by voices. Human voices. Piqued, but curious, she goes to investigate to find four young braves, boys really, surrounding a settler. He’s dressed in a long coat and sensible frontier apparel and is surrounded by the boys who are flipping knives in their hands, crowing about how they are going to carve him up. Orenda notes that the stranger doesn’t seem to be armed. He also doesn’t seem to be bothered. In fact he appears to be humouring the murderous quartet. Curious, Orenda remains hidden to watch what happens.

One of the boys finally gathers his courage and comes at the man. Orenda watches the man move and hip toss the boy into one of the others. Another comes in and the man raises his arm toward the boy’s knife which meets it with a loud clang. The man harmlessly despatches the boy and all of a sudden the four of them are not so brave.

The man looks to Orenda, gives her a small nod and a smile, then returns his attention to the boys who wisely decide that discretion is the better part of valour and beat feet. Orenda sends them along with a choice insult and steps out to greet the stranger. The stranger greets her by name, then tells her that his name is Benedict and that he is her father. He tells her that he has come to find her, to take her to a place called Amber and that coming with him will save her homeland.

Orenda is, sensibly, skeptical. Benedict tells her that her mother, Two-Feathers will be along shortly to verify, which strikes Orenda as odd as her mother is in the village weaving baskets. But she listens to Benedict tell her that he had been passing through and had reason to stay, and that he’d met Orenda’s mother. He said that duty had called him away, and that Two-Feathers had understood.

Two-Feathers arrives shortly after, which considering what she’d been doing earlier, seems strange to Orenda but, calm and reasonable, Orenda listens. Two-Feathers confirms to her that, yes, Benedict is her father and that she is to go with him.



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