Amber: Leaves In The Wind


What Comes Before

Not Really Your Father’s Amber

Brand, crazy with the power of the Fount and determined to remake reality in his own image, took Dierdre hostage at the edge of the Abyss. It’s bad. They’re all there. Things are going to end up with a killing. Nobody knows what happened for sure, only that suddenly Dierdre was able to counter Brand’s hold with an elbow to the head and drop him. The others rushed forward but Dierdre, for a reason yet explained, leaned protectively over Brand and forbade anyone to come close to him or to harm him. The others were more concerned with the Jewel of Judgement tumbling into the Abyss, but before long the Unicorn has returned it and Random is chosen as the king and, with the exception of Brand and Dierdre being a live, it’s the Amber everyone expects.

The Fit Has Hit The Shan

The imbalance between Chaos and Order has caused all kinds of problems, as Merlin has been forced to choose for one side or the other. In choosing to return to Chaos and take the throne things should have settled.

Should have.

Corwin, battle weary and spiritually burned out by life, has chosen to do the right thing by the warriors of Ri’ik. He promised them Heaven if they fought for him and so, under Random’s advice, he has led the little guys through Shadow in search of a Heaven like the one he’s promised them and like they deserved. He has told Random that he must go inspect his newly drawn Pattern as well. Since then he has gone incommunicado and neither makes nor accepts Trump calls.

No one knows what has happened to Corwin, but suddenly the balance of things has gone out of whack again. Shadow Storms are raging all through Shadow and it is clear that the balance has fallen out of alignment again. Random’s investigations via the Jewel of Judgement indicate that, somehow, Order has taken a significant hit and that Chaos is on the rise again.

Random gathers the family together and lets them know what’s happening, and that Shadow Storms are raging deep in Shadow and tearing things up. He means it as a warning for the family to travel carefully, if at all, for a while and is surprised when Julian explodes into emotion and says that his son is out there and that no one and nothing will stop him from going to fetch him out of danger. Perhaps there’s more surprise when Benedict, more calmly, advises that he has a daughter in Shadow and that he means to fetch her as well. But pants turn brown when Brand speaks of a son, not Luke but another boy, who he also means to collect.

Random gives his blessings and the trio charge off, each in search of their children in Shadow.



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