Castle Amber


Castle Amber is big. It’s really, really big. It’s a simple thing to get lost when you don’t know where you’re going. Luckily staff are always happy to help.


1. Outer Courtyard
This courtyard is the size of any market plaza, and it’s where deliveries are brought for the ever present needs of the castle. At any time during the day wagons from the city can be seen either coming or going making or returning from deliveries to the castle. This is also where anyone seeking admission to the castle to seek audience with the king (or other royals) will be met by guards and conveyed into the castle grounds.

2. Lower Ward
As well as being the first line of defense, able to be locked down to prevent entrance into the castle, the lower ward is used by administrators and staff taking possession of deliveries. As well as housing temporary store rooms prior to deliveries to the castle it also provides living quarters for staff. It also holds a number of temporary sitting rooms for any persons waiting for audience within. While guards do patrol this building, there are no permanent quarters for them here.

3. Lower Stairs
These stairs are both functional, in that they lead to the rest of the castle, but also quite popular as a vantage point as they overlook the ocean and a clear view of Rebma is to be had. This is as far as any non-approved visitors to the castle can go, prior to being called for an audience by someone inside the castle.

4. Watch House
This building is the first guard house, which provides guards for the Lower Ward and also the Lower Stairs. It is also a stop against any uninvited guests as walking or riding guests must pass through the the gates here.

5. The Gibbets
There are no longer any gibbets kept here, but the shackles bolted permanently into the wall show a grim reminder of Oberon’s habit of gibbetting people who’d displeased him as a reminder to other visitors to mind their manners.

6. The Garden Walk
This pathway is grassy and the pathway up to a beautifully kept and maintained set of gardens for the use of all castle dwellers.

7 – 10. The Noble Quarter
These buildings are set aside for visiting noble dignitaries and their staff. Each of the Golden Circle realms have dedicated quarters but there are still plenty set aside for dignitaries from other realms.

11. Castle Guard Barracks
These are the quarters of the Amber castle guard and the courtyard in front of these buildings are used for their training drills.

13. Stables
These are where all the horses owned by the royal family are housed.

14 – 19. Castle Proper
These are the castle wings and range in use from library to the throne room to personal chambers for the royals.

20 – 21. The Promenade
This lovely walk and the gardens serve a dual purpose. As well as being a beautiful place to take a walk or a meal, they look over the lower parts of the castle and are where archers will be stationed to help protect the castle.

Castle Amber

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