Damien's Shadow Earth

It’s A Bit Like Ours…

Damien’s Shadow is a lot like modern Earth, with the exception of the supernatural cropping up. They appeared out of nowhere, about forty years earlier, and things predictably did not go well at all. There was a lot of pushing and shoving as supernatural creatures and humans all competed for the same things.

At some point it became evident that there would be a war, and that at the end of it humans would win (albeit Pyrrhically) and so an accord was struck where in supernatural creatures underwent regulation. All supernatural creatures were required to register and those of them who reproduced by ‘turning’ humans would be required to formally ask permission from the would-be turnee and also to file a request with the human government.

To police supernatural indiscretions the Supernatural Defence Unit was formed, with the goal of bringing in supernatural criminals or, in the case of criminals who have taken lives or ‘turned’ humans without permission, to carry out Execution Warrants and end them. The SDU is the elite and the its agents are on the cutting edge of the burgeoning magic field. It’s still pretty new and raw but what the field knows, the SDU is on the edge of.

Damien's Shadow Earth

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