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Who’s Who

Amber is a busy place, with people coming and going (and occasionally taking shots at it) so it behooves the locals to know who’s who and what they’re about.

Elder Amberites – The big hitters and the major players.
Younger Amberites – The newest generation of Shadow walkers.
Others – Everyone else.

Where’s Where

Amber is also a big place. Castle Amber is almoist a small city on its own and it’s easy for a visitor to get lost.

Castle Amber – Where all the action happens.
Amber City – Even Amberites see the sights every now and again.
Rebma – One of Amber’s closest reflections, under the sea.


There’s a lot of it out there and some people live in it.

Damien’s Shadow Earth – Where Damien grew up.
Orenda’s Shadow Earth – Where Orenda grew up.
Roust’s Shadow Earth – Where Roust grew up.

Main Page

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