The Slums

It’s a sad statement of fact that when you have haves, there must also be have notes, and the far eastern side of the city is where you will find these people.

It’s not all bad. Some of them are simple workers who can’t afford the kind of luxury you find on the Golden Mile, and live in simple homes in more or less decent suburban neighbourhoods.

But as you get further from the centre the city starts to look a little more run down, a little less planned, and simple, nice housing starts to look a lot more like tenements and slums. The wise visitor is well warned to be away from these places.

It’s not all bad, though. To be found here are some excellent gambling houses and brothels. Some of the best “blue collar” type taverns can be found here too. You have to watch your back a little, but there’s a lot to do and some good times to be had if you’re careful.

The Slums

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